Tell me your night dreams by Interaxia

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  • Ungemütlich VI

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More informations: Ungemütlich

  • Sïana project

With Winona Lin, Laura J Lukitsch, Frédéric Krauke


  • « Build a cube with Fenster »

With Marion Ruault, Valentin Martel, Leander Reininghaus

Body installation, dance, live improvised music.
Whole the body moves the structure like an architectural extension in movment.
The windows are the theater for feet, hands and head for an experience between the visible and invisible, the parts and the whole surrounded by the live music.
The audience is invited to move around and play with the different perspectives to creat this own story.

PAF short festival in ACUD Theater,
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin-Mitte

  • Pour une mise en bouche de lune noire,
…Projection, installation, danse, musique, performances…





Evelyse Mendes, Cholé David, Kévin Yvars, Elsa Ferret, Mathias Richard,  Aziz Boumediene,  Tina Hype 1    2, Morgane Neplaz,  Marion Ruault, Ladji Aboubacar Yattabari, Franz J Hugo, Leander Reininghaus, Frédéric Krauke, Laura J Lukitsch, Rolf Rolls Langhans 1    2 , Anaïs Poulet,  Nora Neko


A way between writting, improvisation and experimentation, voice, body and words, acoustic music, sounds and noise, equilibry and vertigo…
With Marion Ruault, Livelooping 4.5, by Leander Reininghaus, Berlin, 2018



Drawing, dance, performance, interactive theater, installation, live music for windows.

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Die before you die

Ungemütlich IV.5 by Frédéric Krauke, with Tyna hype, Nora neko, Mathias Richard, Marko1katharsix and Frédéric Krauke, Asile 404, Marseille, 2017

Butoh performance

with Mushimaru Fujieda and the collectif Open Space
Victoria Stadler, Berlin, 2016

Spontaneous moment to dance « the between’s states ».

Fotos y Günter Schaefer
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