A way between writting, improvisation and experimentation, voice, body and words, acoustic music, sounds and noise, equilibry and vertigo…
With Marion Ruault, Livelooping 4.5, by Leander Reininghaus, Berlin, 2018



Drawing, dance, performance, interactive theater, installation, live music for windows.

Affiche-8 Kopie.jpg

Die before you die

Ungemütlich IV.5 by Frédéric Krauke, with Tyna hype, Nora neko, Mathias Richard, Marko1katharsix and Frédéric Krauke, Asile 404, Marseille, 2017

Butoh performance

with Mushimaru Fujieda and the collectif Open Space
Victoria Stadler, Berlin, 2016

Spontaneous moment to dance « the between’s states ».

Fotos y Günter Schaefer
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